Risking the unfamiliar is something I focus on with almost every client I see, because we all get in the habit of adopting one emotional “face” – or have one emotion that’s our primary go-to response to almost anything. Some of those responses are more healthy than others, but the point of this episode will be to wonder what would happen if you risked feeling something you don’t ordinarily feel?

We’ll talk about what’s called The Karpman Triangle a bit, which is when someone is stuck in a victim/savior/persecutor response set. And I’ll give four steps on how to risk feeling or saying or doing something unfamiliar. It can be transformative.

The listener email for today is from a young woman who in the last six months has experienced unbelievable trials – and now is suffering from a desire to be invisible and alone. I’ll do my best to help her understand that what she’s experiencing is tremendous trauma.

Important Links:

BetterHelp, the #1 online therapy provider, has a special offer for you now!

A well-written Forbes article describing The Karpman Triangle response set

This extremely poignant article by Courtney Enlow on depression and wanting to become invisible.

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