Vulnerability is a topic near and dear to my heart because I believe it’s so important to true change and growth. As prominent researcher and author Dr. Brené Brown says, “You can’t get to change without vulnerability.. period.” Vulnerability requires opening up, letting others in and telling your truth. Most of my most obvious vulnerability has centered around the fact that I have panic disorder so I’m going to discuss what being open about that anxiety has meant to me.

But what spurred this particular podcast was being contacted by another therapist here in the US. She was in quite a quandry about coming forward honestly about her own anxiety, as she was frightened that it might ruin her professionally. So she knew I’d come forward and wanted to know what my experience had been.

I’ll share with you that outcome – and my own observations about just how important revealing vulnerability – to the right people and in the right place – can be for growth.

Our listener email today, a regular feature of SelfWork, is from someone who has used the podcast to help her in her own therapy… and just how she’s done that.

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