Today on SelfWork, we’re going to be looking at research asking the question is suicide predictable. There is also controversy about whether or not it’s preventable – I recently had a mom whose daughter had accidentally overdosed tell me with tears in her eyes. “I can’t go there. I can’t believe that I could’ve predicted or prevented my child’s death. It’s too hurtful.”

In listening today, please take care if the topic could be triggering for you. To reach the Suicide Prevention Awareness Hotline here in the United States, click here. is sponsoring this episode, and you’ll be able to take advantage of an offer from them for a free month’s trial and a free downloadable book of your choice! Our featured book for today is What Made Maddy Run by Kate Fagan.

The listener email is from a man who wants a second chance in his relationship, but his partner doesn’t seem interested. What are his best options?

Important links:

Research quoted by Michael Yapko

Medium article on suicide by Dr. Gregory Simon

Research on the connection between perfectionism and suicide

Here’s a questionnaire to determine where you may belong on the spectrum of Perfectly Hidden Depression.

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