The answer to the title question is yes. Most of us who aren’t in denial about the seriousness of this pandemic are experiencing more anxiety.. We’re washing our hands more – careful about what we pick up or how we touch things – wearing masks or even face shields. Today, in this episode sponsored by BetterHelp, I’m going to share some facts about how three different mental illnesses may be emerging or escalating during this Covid pandemic.

First OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder Second, phobias – such as germaphobia (fear of germs/bacteria/viruses) or agoraphobia (fears concerning leaving the house – more limiting than social anxiety) And third,  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

The listener email is from someone who’s heard from their partner that they’re stepping on the identity of their partner. Yet they feel unaware and are asking for my help. It’s an interesting question to ask: What if I’m not aware and don’t agree with what my partner is questioning?

Important Links:

BetterHelp, the #1 online therapy provider, has a special offer for you now!

Very well-explained article in Web MD about Germaphobia and OCD

Here’s a great breakdown of the different “kinds” of obsessions and their accompanying compulsions

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