On this YGTG for this week, please know that we offer a trigger warning; I’m going to talk about the recent suicide of Cheslie Kryst.

On the 30th of January, a young woman threw herself off the balcony of a New York high rise and died. She was Cheslie Kryst, Cheslie made history as the oldest Miss USA at the age of 28. She was highly successful, extremely driven, and desperately afraid of getting older as if when she turned 30, her time for accomplishment would disappear.

People who were trying to cope with her death said, “Don’t forget to check on the strong people.” That’s a great first step. But there’s another, even more important step. First, be vulnerable yourself. Invite those strong people to do the same. And do it more than once. Do it often. And maybe, just maybe, one day they’ll say, “You know, I’m actually terrified to let anyone know what goes on in my head.” Check on strong people. Yes. But help them – and the world – begin redefining what “strong” is. You begin defining what strong is. That’s what will help the Cheslie’s of the world.

I offer my compassion to all who knew and loved her.

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