1. It’s such a tough journey, mostly because you simply don’t know where to begin. The wounds go so deep and the pain is so wide spread — where do you start? In my youth, the perpetrator was not held accountable, therefore the victim became the problem. Sad.
    Kimberly XO

  2. My friend was molested by her uncle. This was in the early 70’s, when those lucky enough not to have gone through this were never even taught such a thing existed. When she came to me for help (she suspected he was going after her younger sister) I had never heard of such a thing and all I could do is suggest she write to Dear Abby. I hope so much she was able to find healing as an adult. To this day, I feel I somehow failed her.

    1. Alana that time was when we still as a culture were in denial. There were no articles. The Internet didn’t exist. Therapy was something that wasn’t considered. You may have helped more than you know. You believed her. That was huge. Please think about these things and I so appreciate you writing

    1. That doesn’t surprise me Corinne, as I have had patients who are Indian and I have heard of the treatment of women in that culture by many. We have much work still to do, and women to reach. Thanks so much for the comment.

  3. It is about power, but it can also work the other way: The so-called victim can be lying because it’s the only way he/she has of being recognized–for lack of a better word–or getting attention in the family. My husband’s younger sister accused him of molesting her. It wasn’t true, and she admitted that to him, AFTER both of their parents were dead. All of the color drained out of her face when she turned around and realized I’d heard every word of her admission.

    1. That can happen Brenda. And I realize the damage that can be done. However, we seem to be talking apples and oranges. I don’t know how old the sister was when she accused him, but probably old enough to have an agenda to intentionally cause harm, or “get recognized”. So much of child abuse occurs before a child would be able to formulate a plan of that kind. It’s two different problems I think. Thanks for commenting.

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