1. I had a couple’s therapist tell me he thought I was good looking and then he threw me under the bus in a session with my ex during a very sensitive time. Fired.

    1. Oh how awful! That makes my skin crawl… no therapist should every remark about the attractiveness of a patient – and especially if it is an opposite gender one. But really not at all… Goodness. Glad you fired him! Thanks so much for commenting.

  2. I’ve sent my husband (who is a family counsellor) your link for your e-book. I hope he gets some valuable insights from it. I should make him take your survey too!

  3. We had a therapist who was treating my son who had been assaulted by a peer. My son is developmentally delayed. She kept insisting that my son was lying and that it was consensual. My son was adopted and one day she said “When he’s 18 you should just send him back to Bulgaria!” She ended up making my son worse.

  4. Once, I had a therapist apointment. On my first visit, I asked her what are her usual cases, what is her specialty. She said supporting drug addicts. I asked if she had success with helping them quit. She answered ” not so much, they are not motivated at all” I wasnt motivated to go back either. If a therapist is not good proffessional may not only be unhelpful, but may make harm. Thank you for your article.

  5. I’ve had several therapists over the last 30 years. The worst one bored me to the point, I wanted to fall asleep. The best one treated me like an intelligent adult. It was sad when she chose to leave her practice to work in the public system helping underprivileged people who couldn’t pay for help. It reinforced for me again, what a stellar therapist she was.

    1. Sounds like the last one was dedicated to helping Jennifer. And sincerely and actively engaged in the process of doing so. I had to smile about your comment about wanting to fall asleep… I am sure I may have bored a few people every now and then but hopefully not to that extent! Thanks!

  6. I once had a therapist who showed up at every session with a different band aid on his arms, hands, face etc I kept thinking of Les Nessman from WKRP. Then I had a gloomy, menopausal therapist who told me she was suffering through a hell of hot flashes. When I was mid-disclosure of something, she said, “Oh Jesus, another one.You’re so lucky you don’t have these.” It was easy to let these two go. But the one I had when my brother died was a keeper. At worst, a therapist will turn into a story, at best they will change your life. Worth the search.

    1. That is hilarious Susan. Yes we can definitely turn into a story. But we do have the responsibility to try to get our own act together. So we do no harm. Glad you had a “keeper” when you most needed it. Thanks so much!

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