1. Margaret, thank you for speaking so openly about your panic disorder. By doing so you have encouraged others to confront their demons and not be stigmatized by then. You are a brave and wise woman. I have tremendous respect for you and the many times you gave shared your journey with us. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so very much Helene. I was surprised by the fact that even though I had written about my anxiety and my history of an eating disorder, when I actually spoke the words, it was much, much more emotional. In fact, I choked up last night during the performance, as a couple of others did as well. I think there are many reasons why. None of them were important enough to not speak. I appreciate your support and kindness my friend.

  2. Margaret, thank you for being vulnerable and sharing exactly what anxiety is like for you. It helps me understand my daughter and a friend better – or at least what those panic attacks are like for them. I love your podcast – I listen to every episode. You are an excellent communicator! Thanks for putting yourself out there to help others.

  3. Your sentence “It’s as much a part of me as whatever competence I have.” was so powerful as it encourages each person to accept all parts of themselves even as they might continue to work on growing and enhancing their quality of life. Thank you for sharing your story as it encourages all of us to embrace our lives — with all their vulnerabilities and weaknesses as well as our strengths and abilities.

  4. I so appreciate your candor and willingness to share your vulnerability. That someone who I (and most people who know you, I’m sure) perceive as uber-competent and oh-so together can open up about your struggle with anxiety is sure to help so many others to not only confront their own issues but also lessen the stigma. Powerful post.

    1. If that happens Roxanne, it would please me to no end. The point I am trying to make is that competence and mental illness can be found in the same person. You continue to be so supportive of my work and me, and I very much appreciate it.

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