1. Being a widow I can definitely see what you come to be dependent on after your partner dies. Although I’ve also found it important to work toward my own happiness and be independent as well. It’s a balance.

  2. I’ve had this on my desktop for 2 days wanting to comment and I’m still not sure what I want to say. Dependence is a tricky thing. I think that Michael and I have a healthy interdependence. But I know I don’t like either being dependent or feeling someone is overly dependent on me. Tweeted.

    1. I can certainly see what you mean Carol. The terms “dependence” and “dependent” evoke images of someone who is indecisive or who looks to others constantly for approval and support. There’s even a personality disorder termed dependent personality disorder. Taken to the limit, it’s a very unhealthy way of relating to others. That’s where your “overly” word comes to mind, at least for me. Being too dependent — not a good thing at all. Thanks so much for tweeting and commenting.

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