I am delighted to welcome you!

I knew after I left the BlogHer13 conference last summer, I was going to launch a new website.

I knew because I realized that I was brimming with so many more ideas of things I wanted to write about.  I needed a website with more versatility.  Easier for the reader to access different kinds of posts.

I didn’t wait.  I started writing all kinds of posts.  Opinion posts.  Posts about relationships.  Posts about mental illness.  And the last few months have been fun and exciting!  Becoming MidlifeBoulevard.com‘s Mental Health Columnist is absolutely an honor and now a featured contributor to Boomeon.com!  I am living in a world of ideas and words – and loving it!

Synchronicity led me to the right people who have helped me tremendously.  Jeannette Balleza Collins  and now Alli Worthington and Christine Farnum – I cannot thank them enough.  They are the folks who help me navigate this whole new world of social media!

Yesterday, I was a bit shocked, naively so, when we imported all the data from NestAche.  Not all of the comments and none of the “likes” transferred.  I have pondered in the last few hours how that has caused me to feel.

First, it’s like perusing an old photo album.  In some ways, I could trace my progress.  From my 1st post, and its 3 likes.  To the more recent ones, with more.  Now that’s gone.

But more than that, it’s like losing the guest book from your wedding.   The comments that made it are great.  But many don’t feel comfortable to comment.  Your “likes”  showed that you were there with me.   That has meant so much.

You really don’t know how much.

I will always remember that you were there.

So, in a sense, we are starting over.  Not really.  Just in a sense.

Thank you.  For being there then.  For being here now.

It’s a new chapter!



If you have questions or comments, please send them to askdrmargaret@  I will answer them in a column!  Questions can be about therapy issues, something about writing a blog, anything!  They will remain confidential!  And as always thanks for reading!  If you enjoyed this post, please send it on!  And comment below!

Photography by Deborah Strauss