I have done what I chide my son for all the time.

I am in Little Rock Arkansas this morning.  My cell phone cord is in Fayetteville.

No tinkling little alarm woke me.  Pretty soon the phone battery will die.  No connection with my office phone.  Can’t write the post I was going to because the pictures are ON THE PHONE.

The music to “Born Free” keeps running through my head.  My cord.  In my den.  Free at last.

I can see where it is in the chair where I write.  Just lying there.

I can pick up a new one this afternoon after the luncheon we are attending.  Friends Bob Ford and Amy Herzberg are being honored by the Governor for their work with TheatreSquared.  Fantastic new theatre in Northwest Arkansas.

We wanted to be there.

I have a conference call this afternoon.  Guess I will have to get a car charger.

That’s in Fayetteville as well.

Just too much this week.  Work, Houston, now Little Rock.  I don’t know how people who travel all the time do it. I guess they have a system.

Or multiple cords.

Lesson learned.

“Slow down, you move too fast.  

You got to make the morning last.

Just kickin down the cobblestones.  

Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy”.



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