1. Hi Margaret!
    At school, my homeroom theme is current events. I asked my students what they wanted to discuss. They raised the shootings, so sad, so we discussedit. So far, they haven’t mentioned Ashley Madison (what a relief for me). LAUSD school employees used their Emails to contact the site. I work for LAUSD.

    1. Hi there Janice. Wow that will be difficult if and when it comes up. And so glad you give kids a chance to talk and process what is happening in the world. That situation must be hard for the adults involved as well, of course. Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. We’re such a judgmental society. Even by practicing compassion and role reversing, we have a long way to go to putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Brenda

  3. I agree completely. Having made so many bad choices myself, I can see how many people can do the same in their search for ‘true love’. ‘There but for grace go I…’ is something I try to remind myself when I get in to a judgmental frame of mind.

  4. I Agree totally. I am not religious but I often find bible quotes from Sunday school come back to me at times like this. ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’. And also the thing about removing the plank from your own eye before removing the speck of dust from someone else’s. Oh yes and ‘Let he without sin cast the first stone’. (Second time this week I have used that in a comment!) Are we all perfect? No! So let’s just accept, with compassion, that other people’s imperfections sometimes make them do stupid, selfish things. We should concentrate on improving ourselves and not on judging others. Great post – well said!

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