A treasured moment together in Nashville!

A treasured moment together in Nashville!

“It’s really cold in Nashville this morning”,  I heard from the TV as I was rushing to get dressed yesterday.  That’s where the Country Music Awards had been the previous evening and that’s what they were all talking about on Good Morning America.  What’s important to me about Nashville of course – that’s where my son Rob is.

My eyes filled with tears suddenly.  I had to stop putting on foundation.  Just be in the moment.

Wonder if he knows where his coat is.  He probably isn’t up yet.  He doesn’t need a text from me to figure out that it is cold.  He is 19 years old after all.

Okay mom, take a breath.  Pick up foundation.  Continue with the morning.

I haven’t talk a lot recently about my NestAche.  It’s a lot different than it was this time last year.  It catches me more in moments.  Or when I have to say good-bye to him, even on the phone.  It just stings a bit.  And then fades away.

I realized this past summer could possibly be the last time he would spend any length of time at home again.  It’s just our new reality.  And it began this time last year.  At Thanksgiving.  When he said, “Mom, I may not be home spring break!”.

It’s like a beautiful painting that was in my house that I have adored.  Now, if I want the world to enjoy it, I have to let it tour!  He is still creating himself.  I love watching who he is becoming.  I want the world to get to know him.

For all of you just going through the early weeks or months of empty nest, know that it does get better.  Read my or others blogs and books about how to heal.  Grown and Flown.  Empty Nest Full Mind .  Two wonderful ones.  Get involved with other activities, invest in yourself again, have fun (that’s always a good idea…).  Get into therapy if you get stuck.

I wonder what Rob will have to say this Thanksgiving.

I will be prepared.




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