1. you guys were so brave! probably you didn’t even notice that part. This is a very good reminder that in spite of our contentious 1st world problems, we have it pretty good here in America. I love that photo of you!

    1. No we didn’t think of ourselves really as brave. Just lucky to be having the experience. One of the neatest things that happened… One day I had on a kind of loose pullover shirt that tied with a rope. Kinda hippie-looking thing. Two ladies came out of their house – showed me that they were sewing and somehow got me to understand they wanted to make a pattern of my shirt. I guess I “bravely” got one of their shirts, put it on, gave them mine. Waited. They brought out my shirt, gave it back to me, etc. We all laughed!!! It was great! All with the official watching very carefully… Thanks for commenting Deborah!

  2. Oh I LOVE that story!!! So human!! I so long for that kind of love and levity and sharing in everyone’s lives every day. I dare to dream!

  3. Amazing story- and wonderful to read. What an experience for you- and it seems you were lucky to have it as a young person. I too went on a singing tour of Italy when I was that age. However, Italy was nothing like that. The people were warm, the churches were inspiring. But even with that, I saw my life in the US through new eyes. Not all young people get that. Great post!

    1. So glad you had the experience you did Virginia. I love that many people now seem to have experiences abroad, although the criticism of our own country is perhaps more evident. I learned a lot about myself on this trip. I actually extended it later that year, and lived in other countries. Switzerland and France to be exact. So very lucky. And of course a very different experience. Thank you for commenting and am delighted it was a “good read”. Happy 4th!

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