1. I have five other mothers out there now. One for each of my married children. I handled my worries by becoming good friends with each one. Now most of the holidays are celebrated here. With everyone. Hmmm . . . well it seemed like a good idea at the time! 😉

  2. What timing. Our daughter will move in six weeks to the other coast. She wants this, I want this for her and those are my truest feelings about it. Still, we are close and I was feeling some worry about changes that will come with distance. For me, it helped to remember that I change more slowly than some, and that often in the past, it has taken another person’s change to move me and others forward in a way we needed. It’s hard to locate the heart of worry if you’re busy disapproving of your own feelings. So I’m going with that – feeling my feelings and letting time (and history) bring me forward.

    Thank you for this post, and for using your own example to normalize these kinds of feelings.

    1. I so appreciate what you’re saying Susan. I agree (and certainly have found myself) that if you judge what you’re feeling. It can make things more complicate. At times it’s embarrassing to admit feeling some way or another. But if you accept it, you can work on it. As I frequently say, acceptance isn’t the same as resignation. Thanks very much, and good luck to both you and your daughter.

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