1. Margaret, You were so brave to fight for a relationship with your father. It’s difficult, especially for men, to tear down those walls. My father was a strict disciplinarian who died when I was 12. I’ve always wanted the love and closeness I missed with him. I found that in my husband James and was blessed to have that for 17 years before he died unexpectedly, while out for a run.

  2. My father and I were very close and I remained his little girl until he died when I was 35. He had just met our first born and was thrilled he lasted for that event. It is a beautiful memory. This was so well written from the heart – touched me deeply.

  3. Never having had a father, I love to love other people’s fathers, up close or from a distance. Your father was somewhere in the middle – always a smiling face and kind words each week at church and that made life seem a little warmer and safer and more stable. I always appreciated that. I think that is so sweet that he felt that your mother needed you more; and that tear rolling down his cheek? It brings tears to mine. He was a genuine man Margaret- so glad you had a relationship with him and thanks for sharing

    1. I know that my father admired you Deborah. You can borrow and love him all you want. You may not know he had darkroom at our house and loved to take and develop pictures. Y’all would share that. Thank you.

      1. I did not know he had a darkroom! So did Mr Raley! I always admired that- very avant garde and seemed to reveal a creative drive that I admired. I love knowing this about your father ( :

          1. oh I’d love to see them! Now that is something bookworthy! Do you have the negatives by any chance?

  4. This was amazing poignant Margaret. I adored my father, and he, me. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have struggles and issues because we did. But he helped shape the woman I’m proud to be today.

  5. Beautiful post! I was close to my dad when I was young, but we drifted apart during the middle years—I was preoccupied with raising four kids. What brought us back together though was tracing the family roots. I was the only one in our family who was interested, so every week I used to meet with my father. We poured over family history books and did our research together every Sunday. I found many of his long lost relatives, and he was elated. I lost Daddy in 2008, but I’m so grateful that we reconnected before his death.

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