1. 9 years ago on May 20, my Dad died. So Memorial Day is always very special to me. I went to the cemetery on May 20. The flag that Adam and I placed by his grave was still there! I told him that I loved him.

    1. Thank you for sharing such a personal memory Anne. Many of us dress our loved ones burial sites on Memorial Day, especially those who have served. And how lovely that your Dad’s flag still was there.

  2. Very moving, Margaret. My dad served in WWII also and never talked about it. Even years later when my brother..a Vietnam vet tried to engage him. Only into his 80s did he agree to share…..impressed that I wanted to record for his grandkids to do school reports! The bad and ugly came out sugar coated….but he teared up andI ccould tell he was relieved in a way. Thank you for knowing that is what we do……move on/protect ourselves and tuck it all away.

    1. I imagine your experience Joan is very common. Especially with that generation. Thank goodness your father did finally talk to you. I am sure he benefitted as well as you. And my gratitude to you for sharing your story.

  3. My husband rarely talks about it but he did finally tell me why he got a medal. He hates when I bring it up in public. He saved someones life, nearly losing his own. He feels talking about it is bragging. Love that man!
    Your Dad is so handsome.
    My Dad served in between wars and could talk Navy forever:)

    1. That is so interesting Doreen that your Dad could talk so freely and your husband could not. What a perhaps telling contrast. I am glad your husband’s bravery was seen and noted. I am sure that many others have been very courageous and it was never seen. It just happened. Someone knew. Someone is alive because someone was brave. Thanks to all those someones. Happy Memorial Day today. Thanks so much for telling your story.

  4. Have you read “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand? You can also look up the movie trailer that’s coming out this summer. My grandpa served in the Philippines in WWII Pacific Theater and I found it really interesting. The audio book is great!

    1. No I haven’t Katie but I adored Seabiscuit. Here’s the link for anyone interested. http://laurahillenbrandbooks.com/ Thanks for letting us all know this movie is coming out. Looks like the book has been on the best seller list for 165 weeks! It’s about a man in WWII who survived great odds – or that’s the way it starts out. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I have many friends who earned Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, Air Medals, all kinds of personal awards for bravery in conflict. But they rarely if ever talk about it. But you know they are proud… and I’m proud to know them and thank them for their service. A simple thank you goes further than you will ever be able to know for a vet.

    1. I might imagine you won your own awards Fred. But you won’t mention. Thank you for your service. And sacrifice. And for your friends and to so many who might remain unthanked. but so important. Your son. Your daughter. So very important. Please hug them for all of us.

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