Martha would be so proud, don't you think?

Martha would be proud, don’t you think? Okay the painter’s card is stuck in with the ice cream dipper.  Not too bad.

One of the first things I did when my son Rob left for college last year was clean out a drawer.  Somehow it made me feel that my life was moving on.  Like something was different in the house than when he had lived there, even it was just a tidy drawer.

We all have them.  That kitchen drawer where you throw rubber bands, those little tie things, post it notes you need to keep, pencils.   It was a horrific mess.  I found an old yellow organizer thing, stuck it in there.  That made the junk part much smaller so it’s quite hard actually for it get too chaotic.  It was a real Martha Stewart moment.

It was true catharsis to clean it out.  What Catholics must feel at confession.

Because I am a stasher.  I stash things in my purse.  I stash things in closets and in drawers.  I am not a hoarder, mind you.  I can easily give stuff away nor do I collect things.  I am not at the brink of needing an intervention.

I just stash.

To put something in a secret or hidden place for future use.  I just looked up the meaning of the word.  Yep.  That’s me.  I am not sure the places are all that hidden really.  Hidden from sight perhaps.  But if I think it has some value or I might use it in the future, it gets thrown somewhere.  Finding it again when I want it can be the kicker.  There is only minor organization to this stash of mine.  Garage, basement, closets, cabinets.  You name it, it could be there.

The cool thing about this is that I often find things that I have forgotten I have.  It’s like receiving a gift!

I have committed to posting something every day for thirty days this month.  It’s called NaBloPoMo, why I do not know.  Sponsored by BlogHer and WordPress.  So I am going to scavenge around my house and see what I can find.  Not every post will be about this but it will be one of the threads throughout the month.  This will either be fun or by the 30th, I will never want to blog again.

But I have lots of stash.  And it all has a story.





Let me know if you are a fellow Stasher!!!  Or send this on to a Stasher that you know and love!! Thanks for reading and follow along as I post every day in November!!!


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