1. “So it’s a gift you give. To go to a partner’s reunion. Allow them to dip into the past. For whatever reason they want to go.

    Watch them have fun. Partake in their past with them a little.

    Then, go home together.”

    I love this. I think it is so timely with the holidays around the corner as well. How often do conflicts erupt over whose family or tradition will be celebrated? I learned early on in my marriage when I view some compromises as gifts I give as opposed to burdens I endure, I’m able to enjoy my time more. And, inn turn, I have received just as many gifts as I’ve given over the years.

    Great post!

    1. Wonderful comment back to me Mary! I had not thought of it in that context. Just how many people eat at least two Thanksgiving dinners because both families have to be visited! On the same day! Thank you so much!

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