1. Today is all we’re guaranteed and for some of us, not even the rest of the day. Reach out with kindness and try role reversing. How would you feel if you were in someone else’s shoes? Lovely, thoughtful post, Margaret. Thank you, Brenda

  2. It’s sobering, when I think of what you blogged. Some days I truly feel there is no hope for the human race, and then you read about what strangers do for each other in the midst of a tragic moment like Orlando, Paris or Nice, or so many other places it is impossible to name them all. And there was the doctor who squeezed my mother in law in, when it turned out she had pneumonia. Yes.

    1. We forget those little things — or may not even realize they’re happening when they are. There are many heroes in the midst of trauma and crisis. And there was one murderer. Thanks so much Alana.

  3. Everyone has a story…if you just give them a minute or two they will tell you about their life…some are enlightening others are sad…you know you are in that place that moment for a reason….to listen….sometimes all we need is for someone to listen…..my idea of kindness

  4. Thank you for this article. You know, it can be so easy to overlook the smallest kind gestures, can’t it? We shouldn’t have to be reminded to be kind, or to recognize kindness, but we do, don’t we? Tonight five ladies on my street are coming to my house for dessert just so that we can get to know more than about each other than our first names. I cannot change all the hate — wait, ‘hate’ is such a strong word that glosses over too much — perhaps ‘misconceptions’ is more appropriate. Does all this turmoil really result from hate, or just because we’ve never taken the time to understand one another at a deeper level? The world won’t change because I made a cake today and served it to my neighbors, but tomorrow there will be six ladies of various ethnicities on this street who exchange more than a casual wave in passing while wondering, “What was her name again?”

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