Today’s YGTG (You Get the Gist) is focused on self-help; can you seek out too much help? The answer is yes. Self-help can actually make some people feel inferior and ashamed, rather than better about themselves – especially if you inundate yourself with it, or are almost addicted to seeking out articles and TikTok’s and Instagram reels. And… podcasts.

Even though I’m one of those people who are trying to offer my experience as a psychologist, I’ve often suggested to people that they need to stop looking outside of themselves for answers or waiting for just one more piece of information before they act. You can get into analysis paralysis – and time passes, and passes, and passes. And you do nothing – because you’re so afraid of making a mistake.

So… if it will be helpful – truly helpful – please listen in to the wisdom of Mel Robbins and Mark Manson. But know you and only you can learn to trust yourself.

Vital Links:

Mel Robbins’ five-second rule.

Great article by Mark Manson on the one thing that self-help cannot help you do.

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Photo by Markus Spiske.

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