SelfWork YGTG: Do Empaths Actually Exist? Here’s The Debate!Hello and welcome to another five minute interlude or what we call You Get The Gist! YGTG. Today I’m revealing some new thoughts about imposter syndrome – I did an episode on it now years ago. But what I was intrigued to read recently was some research coming out of Harvard – critiquing the whole idea of women “suffering” from this horribly insecure feeling. Now, with the impetus of the #metoo movement, women of all ethnicities are realizing that perhaps it’s been the workplace that’s been most of the problem. As these Harvard researchers state, “Even if women demonstrate strength, ambition, and resilience, our daily battles with microaggressions, especially expectations and assumptions formed by stereotypes and racism, often push us down.”

Important Link:

Harvard article Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome

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