Today I’m sharing the work of Stacey Wright, a psychotherapist in Georgia whose work is frequently featured on The Mighty. She specializes in the treatment of highly sensitive people. I thought what she had to say was very clear in her latest article on The Mighty. And she further distinguishes those who are highly sensitive (HSP) people to those she terms true “empaths.”

And yet there’s debate about the term and even the concept of an “empath” being a noun is disputed as an appropriate label for someone who’s simply highly empathetic. We can hear the other side as it’s voiced by Rick Cormier, a retired psychotherapist and author of Mixed Nuts, He says the term was lifted from Star Trek, in fact was made up by its creators, and doesn’t exist other than in science fiction. It’s a hot debate!

Whatever you believe, you can make up your own mind – But I hope you get the gist.

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