Shame. People often come into therapy saying things like, “I’m afraid I’m wasting your time, “ or, “I don’t know why I can’t pull myself together, “ Or, “If I believed in my faith and God enough, I wouldn’t be here. But because I am, I’ve failed.”

I know – without a doubt – I’m listening to shame talking.

Today, we’re going to focus on the shame that you may carry around – that doesn’t belong to you. Here are the ten most common birthplaces of shame you’ve never deserved… but carried with you. And it’s time to challenge any voices that tell you differently, because they’re flawed and were absorbed by you as a child.

  • You were treated like an object through physical or sexual abuse.
  • You were neglected and your most basic needs were intentionally unmet.
  • You were valued only for external attributes or achievements, not for who you were.
  • You were put on a pedestal or smothered, so you lack a sense of true security in yourself. Instead, you could “do no wrong.”
  • You were put in charge as a child, did the best you could, but ultimately felt as if you failed.
  • You were pulled into adult conflicts/dynamics that you couldn’t fix.
  • What hurt you was invalidated or you feared rejection if you revealed your true self.
  • You weren’t allowed to want/be/talk/think differently than your parents.
  • You grew up in a family where nothing made rational sense and rules were always changing.
  • You were compared negatively to others.

The listener voicemail is from someone who’s been diagnosed with Bp 1, 2, and then BPD, and he’s become overly reclusive. But it sounds as if his biggest impediment to becoming more successful professionally and personally is his tendency to take what others say too personally – and building a wall of resentment toward them which is self-sabotaging to the work. At the same time, he has friends and family who are supportive – so what’s going wrong?

So please come with me today in this episode sponsored by AG1, as we discuss 10 sources of shame – and of course, what you can do about it…

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Photo by Mathias Reding.

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