Bingeing Or Comfort Eating? Five Ways For Comfort Eating To Stay Comfortable

I have two distinct memories that involve eating. One horrified me, the other brought a sense of being understood.

I, like most others, had a small fridge in my dorm room in college. I was beginning to develop anorexia, but hadn’t a clue at the time. I was eating less and less, and receiving all kinds of accolades for becoming thin.

022 SelfWork: How To Not Hate Your Body

Eating disorders and body image problems are rampant in our culture, with good reason. We are pummeled with images of the “acceptable” body, which is much younger, fitter, and probably...

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Staying Positive In A Vulnerable World

We came close to having a terrible accident driving to the airport this morning. It was pitch black. The rain was coming down in torrents. Huge bolts of lightning were striking the hills in front of...

The Gifts Of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is a gift.

Being vulnerable isn’t the same as being scared or admitting defeat. In fact, knowing and accepting it is actually a strength. Why? Because you can get really good at recognizing when those pesky, at times painful vulnerabilities are in action, and how they’re skewing your thinking or your choices.

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