2013-10-27 08.06.11It was Veterans Day yesterday.  And they were everywhere.

Ghosts and goblins. Scheming witches.  Screaming skeletons.

Our Halloween decorations.

There are holiday decoration rituals in our house.  My husband gets out the decorations because he is picky about where we keep them.  “His” attic.  He doesn’t want me to go up there and mess it up.

I will say this for him.  He has meticulously put them away every year.  When he brings them down, he lays them out in the dining rom and they are in spit-spot condition.  I hang or arrange them all over the house, which takes a while.  We all enjoy them during whatever holiday it happens to be.  Then that holiday IS OVER.

Then the next holiday items are to be brought out. We only decorate big-time for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Really big time.  The others, maybe a wreath or two.   That’s it.  July 4th.  Put up an Uncle Sam and some flags for sure.

But just really the BIG 3.  In the fall.

Halloween is simple because the items are big and don’t need boxes.  So I had just asked him to please put them up.  He said ,”Okay, no problem”.  Would take 30 minutes.  What he always says.

So I wait.  And wait…… and wait.

I start spouting off about going up to the attic.  That gets his attention.  I begin to serve leftovers a lot.  More attention.  I take a walk in the neighborhood and come back talking about how no one else has their Halloween decorations up anymore.  Completely passive-aggressive.

He had the day off yesterday.  I worked.

It was dark when I got home.  The witch that looked like she had run into the tree was gone.2013-11-10 13.33.07

I sort of missed her.

Okay.   This tender bickering has become just as much of the ritual of the holidays as the turkey and stockings.  It certainly happens every year.

And frankly, if the day after Halloween, he had those decorations down, I would hate it.

Just don’t tell him.