2013-08-13 08.55.41I have no business writing this post tonight.  I am leaving on a plane in a day and half for China.  I am going to see my niece (and nephew) who is studying for her final year as a Ph.D. candidate in China.  It’s an opportunity of a lifetime!  I work all day tomorrow seeing patients.  My bag isn’t packed.  But I am writing anyway because I want to give you a report of the day.

The day my son Rob left for college, second time around.

Very different from last year, I am happy to say.  I stayed completely out of the packing process last night, letting him and his Dad agree to disagree  on things and they muddled through it without too much angst.  We ate leftover spinach and chicken enchiladas (SO much better the second day), I listened to him play the guitar, then he and his best friend went out about midnight.  My grandmother used to chide, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight”.  She was wrong I think.  They probably shared some kind of meaningful good-bye – for guys, whatever that is.  He was back by 1:00.

Up this morning at 6:00 am.  “Okay, Mom, can’t find my I-Phone charger!  Did you take it?   Yours is just like mine”.  Sort of teasing, sort of not.  I am bad about confusing things like that.  “Do you know where my glasses are?”  Okay, these are same glasses he told me months ago he regretted buying, because he would never wear them, didn’t need them, and thought they were a waste of money.  Now, he is asking if I know where they are.


We found the glasses and the I-phone charger, the latter behind his bed by the way.  Silently treasured that moment a bit.

Then it was time to leave.  So many hugs.  And I get really wonderful long hugs from Rob.  He knows this is hard for me.  To watch him and Dad drive off to move him into his dorm.

We both tear up,  Just a bit.  And then…. poof!  They vanish!

I had to go get our wonderful dog in the middle of the afternoon since my husband wasn’t around to pick him up from “doggie daycare”.  Should do a blog on just that – I really want my dog’s life.

Stopped by the grocery store because I was hungry right before picking up Smokey, said dog.  Picked up a hot piece of fried chicken since I hadn’t had lunch.  There’s just something about a piece of fried chicken.  So comforting, at least for us Southerners.  I needed a little comfort.

Smokey and I went home.  The two of us, the fried chicken, and an empty house.  I didn’t dissolve into tears.  Thought about it for a second or two but it was okay.  Walked by Rob’s empty, messy room.  The mattress all askew where he had pulled it up to find the I-Phone charger.  It was okay.

The only irritating thing about the day?  The one thing I had asked my husband to do before leaving for Nashville was to take down the JULY 4TH decoration still hanging in the middle of our den.  The kids had already tied up the streamers at the bottom of it because they were so tired of it dangling down for weeks AFTER the holiday had been long gone.

My husband thinks it’s amusing.  So did he do what I asked?

Picture above.





Please comment on the website!  I would love to know your experiences of letting go of your own children so that we can share and grow in our experiences!  And thank you again for reading!