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Five Steps to Overcome The Fear of Giving Up Perfectionism

The steps in this post are the basis for the treatment for the kind of depression I discuss in my book, Perfectly Hidden Depression – which at its most severe, can become deadly – as the pressure to never fail, to never falter becomes more and more intense.  If you’re a...

SelfWork YGTG: Simone, Stigma and Suicide

On today’s You Get the Gist, I’m wanting to make a couple of points that may or may not have occurred to you while you heard about or you were watching Simone Biles’ journey at the Olympics. First, I wondered what your first thought might’ve been when you heard Ms. Biles had initially opted...

244 SelfWork: Why We Lie (Even In Therapy)

Today we’re going to focus on why we lie to each other, to ourselves and even in therapy. We’ll touch on severe manipulative lying, called pathological lying, and compulsive lying, but most of the episode we’ll discuss plain old lying. I found two wonderful articles on the...

243 SelfWork: Handling Sudden Loss: A Personal Story

This week was very hard as one of my close family members died suddenly. I didn’t know if I’d have the energy or even the ability to do a podcast. So, I looked for one that I might add on to – maybe about grief. And I found this podcast from a year and a half ago that fit. I’ll focus...

Feeling Invisible and How To Confront The Shame You’ve Never Deserved

A lot of people feel invisible, for many different reasons. Perhaps you’re one of them; but what do you mean by “feeling invisible?” Perhaps you feel like you don’t matter, as if you aren’t a vital part of the world that’s going on around you. Maybe you feel  overlooked by those who...

242 SelfWork: The Over-Apologizer: Are You One?

Do you or someone you know apologize all the time? This can stem from several dynamics – if you’re in an abusive relationship currently or there was trauma in your childhood where you’ve grown up believing that the fault when relationships or events go sour is somehow all yours. There’s also the...

Dr. Margaret’s Book Now Available!

There's a new way to send me a message! You can record by clicking above and ask your question or make a comment. You'll have 90 seconds to do so and that time goes quickly. By recording, you're giving SelfWork (and me) permission to use your voice on the podcast. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

I'm thrilled to announce my new podcast has earned almost two million downloads! Join thousands of subscribers and tune into SelfWork. It's available here on the website under the tag "SelfWork"  and for subscription on iTunes. We talk about similar things as here, but go even further in-depth. Hope you'll join those who listen weekly!

Click here to contact Dr. Margaret by email. I welcome your comments, personal stories, and questions. I will answer you!

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