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What Do I Do If Someone I Love Dies By Suicide?

Someone you love chose to end their life; the pain you’re experiencing feels unbearable and unending. Maybe they left a note. Maybe you knew they were in agony, struggling with inner demons or with harsh realities of severe physical or mental illness. Or maybe you had no idea. Sometimes...

304 SelfWork: Confronting Guilt with Seven Steps of Self-Forgiveness

Today we’re going to talk about guilt and self-forgiveness. Basically there are two forms of guilt. Healthy guilt – or when you feel remorse for something that you did or said or felt – and maladaptive guilt which is guilt that doesn’t serve any positive rationale, but instead eats you up from the...

The Silent Damage of Emotional Abuse

The damage of emotional abuse may go unseen and silent. But it’s very real. You may see yourself or someone you love in the stories I’m about to share. So please read with care. The stories…  Debbie Debbie sat, quietly crying in my office, “I don’t think I...

Why I Didn’t Leave. Until I Did.

Whenever someone opens up about their experience with an abusive relationship, whether it’s a celebrity divorce in the news or your loved one confiding to you that their marriage has severe issues, you might wonder why they didn’t leave sooner…or why they’re staying. The...

YGTG: From The Happiness Lab: The Secret to Making Friends as an Adult

Here’s a special preview of the new season of The Happiness Lab for the YGTG for this month!  You might think you know what it takes to lead a happier life… more money, a better job, or Instagram-worthy vacations. You’re dead wrong. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos has studied the science of...

The One Question You Can Ask to Stop Fighting With Your Partner

You love your partner and you value your relationship. But… the two of you have developed a habit of falling into fights more and more frequently. It may have even grown so problematic that you shudder when you hear them pull into the driveway, anticipating the inevitable argument. Whether...

Dr. Margaret’s Book Now Available!

There's a new way to send me a message! You can record by clicking above and ask your question or make a comment. You'll have 90 seconds to do so and that time goes quickly. By recording, you're giving SelfWork (and me) permission to use your voice on the podcast. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

I'm thrilled to announce my new podcast has earned almost three and a half million downloads! Join thousands of subscribers and tune into SelfWork. It's available here on the website under the tag "SelfWork"  and for subscription on iTunes. We talk about similar things as here, but go even further in-depth. Hope you'll join those who listen weekly!

Click here to contact Dr. Margaret by email. I welcome your comments, personal stories, and questions. I will answer you!

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