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210 SelfWork: When How and Why You Should Leave Therapy… Or Not

Today’s SelfWork, sponsored by BetterHelp, focuses on why, how and why you might choose to end therapy, or more concisely, to leave a particular therapist. We’ll cover some “good” reasons to leave, reasons that either have to do with the success you’ve experienced or...

Five Surprising Ways To Help Your New Years Resolution Stick

As you look forward to a new year and the hope that it brings, especially after a year which brought with it so much pain and uncertainty, you may be jotting down New Year’s resolutions. After all, what could be more motivating than wanting a better year than 2020? And you might be exactly...

209 SelfWork: Three Questions To Ask Before You Trust Your Gut

I’d planned to do this episode of SelfWork on developing trust in others. But as I researched the question, I realized that first, you have to make sure you can trust your own decision-making. And your gut. I found the work of Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman (who made the most sense to...

Five Emotional Agonies of Staying Thin — At All Costs

For many women, being thin is worshipped like no other physical attribute.
Not your hair, not your muscles, not your voice. The greatest compliment a woman can hear (at least according to some)? “You look like you’ve lost weight…”.

The Silent Agony of Staying Thin — At All Costs

Five Ways To Avoid The Holiday Becoming a Haul-iday

People can dread the holiday season for a number of reasons, both simple and complicated. And this year… it’s the end of an extremely complicated year. So we all need to breathe..  What do you dread feeling or experiencing? If it’s loss.. You might have had losses or trials in...

SelfWork YGTG (You Get the Gist…) What’s Emotional Bandwidth?

YGTG is five minutes of jam-packed info about one concept or idea or behavior – and today it’s about emotional bandwidth. People are using the term emotional bandwidth to reveal that they can’t tolerate certain emotions or discussions. It’s a short cut way of saying,...

207 SelfWork: How to Break Away From Emotional Paralysis

Challenging your assumptions can lead to remarkable change – and a break from intense emotional paralysis. On SelfWork today, sponsored by BetterHelp, we’re going to talk about doing the dishes. Yes you heard me – dishes. One of my FB closed group members very aptly posted the story...

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