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The Perfectly Hidden Depressed Person: Are You One?

You know her. She’s always smiling and appears to have everything together: a good marriage, a thriving business, and a couple of kids who do well in school and athletics. She started the book club you’ve been going to for years, is the PTA president, and her employees rave about working...

129 SelfWork: Challenging and Changing Negative Self-Talk

We’re talking self-talk here today. What is it? And what can you do about it? A lot of people tell me they kinda “know” what it is, but haven’t a clue how to change it. It feels as if it’s too elusive. How could you possibly rein in what your mind is telling you about something? I’ll...

The Ten Characteristics of Perfectly Hidden Depression

I’ve been writing for three years now about a syndrome called Perfectly Hidden Depression.

These are people who are inwardly struggling with depression, at times severe depression. But others would never guess that they were. They can act both intentionally, but also unconsciously, to deny and avoid pain or suffering. And they do it quite well. In fact, perfectly.

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