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Nine Paths That Lead To Perfectly Hidden Depression

How do you learn to hide pain?

What is it about hurt, vulnerability and sadness that makes many of us form a persona of happiness and busy-ness that shields us from the eyes of others? Why do we push ourselves to build a life that looks perfect from the outside, but can feel empty and despairing on the inside?

Perfectly Hidden Depression And The Power of Loneliness

The famous shower scene in Psycho can leave any of us feeling a bit dubious into stepping in.  But when you’re lonely — when you’re hiding pain from the world, sometimes the shower is the only place where what you’re keeping secret is allowed to emerge. And you’re...

135 SelfWork: Your Questions My Answers (and a big announcement…)

Your emails are coming in fast and furious so I decided today that I would answer some of those questions with everyone and we can continue to learn from one another. The subjects range from trauma to ending a relationship to having trouble letting go of regrets and shame to perfectly hidden...

How Do You Heal From Parents Who Hurt You

My dad was very open with his love. One of his favorite things to say when I’d made a mess of things was, “You can always come home.” He’d send me a hand-written letter when things were tough, often quoting scripture, but always with a supportive, guiding message that reminded me of what was really important in life. And I knew how his eyes would light up when he saw me, especially when I no longer lived in the same city as him and my mom. I’m sure my brothers saw that same light.

134 SelfWork: Making A Distrustful Mess with Money and Marriage

Money and the distrust that can be created because of it in a partnership or marriage is what’s on the agenda for today. It’s amazing how many people commit to one another and never touch the subject. We’ll talk about the business of relationships and common problems people run into when...

Talking With Dad

When I was in my early twenties, I called my Dad and asked him to have lunch with me. “Don’t you want your Mom to come?” “Well, Dad, no…this time I want it to be just you and me.” “Okay. Sure. Where do you want to meet?” Up to that point, when I...

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