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240 SelfWork: How Do You Survive… Survivor’s Guilt

It’s been long known in the field of trauma that people who survive a car wreck, a mass shooting, or now, a worldwide viral pandemic – can often struggle with questions about why they survived, while someone right next to them, or someone they loved, did not. Parents who buried their children....

163 SelfWork (Second Time Around) Take This Step Toward Self-Compassion

In today’s SelfWork, sponsored by BetterHelp, we’re going to be talking about how to enrich your emotional life through self-compassion. So many people tell me that they don’t know how to begin to risk feelings that have been suppressed for years. But when you do, you expand the emotions available...

Dr. Margaret’s Book Now Available!

There's a new way to send me a message! You can record by clicking above and ask your question or make a comment. You'll have 90 seconds to do so and that time goes quickly. By recording, you're giving SelfWork (and me) permission to use your voice on the podcast. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

I'm thrilled to announce my new podcast has earned almost two million downloads! Join thousands of subscribers and tune into SelfWork. It's available here on the website under the tag "SelfWork"  and for subscription on iTunes. We talk about similar things as here, but go even further in-depth. Hope you'll join those who listen weekly!

Click here to contact Dr. Margaret by email. I welcome your comments, personal stories, and questions. I will answer you!

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