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Making Motivation Happen: SelfWork #154

Depression can steal your sense of vitality. Your “get up and go” or your motivation to reach goals that mean something to you can disappear. It’s called anhedonia — basically the lack of pleasure in (or motivation for) activities that used to mean something to you or to...

Perfectly Hidden Depression: How To Take Off The Mask Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism with an inner constant critic. Over-responsibility. Discounting painful emotion or past trauma. Chastising yourself if you’re not counting your blessings. Always being there for others, but sharing very little of who you really are, or what problems you might have. Do these...

Six Beginning Exercises To Motivate Growth and Change: SelfWork #152

As I wrote the book Perfectly Hidden Depression, I included over sixty specific exercises that would make reading it more of an emotional challenge, rather than one more chance to analyze. They are both action-oriented and reflective exercises and hopefully, you’d come away with a journal...

Your Questions My Answers SelfWork #151

This month has been full of questions from all of you! So I’m taking today to answer even more of them!  The topics are diverse. The first is from a man whose dreams haven’t been fulfilled and he’s almost totally given up that dream and is escaping through  The second from a woman who’s...

Six Ways to Overcome The Fear of Giving Up Perfectionism

If you’re a perfectionist, you can feel increasingly burdened by the ever-higher expectations that others develop for you. The teenage quarterback who has led his team to three state championships and is being watched by professional scouts. The young mother who is getting promoted at her...

The Ten Characteristics of Perfectly Hidden Depression

I’ve been writing for three years now about a syndrome called Perfectly Hidden Depression.

These are people who are inwardly struggling with depression, at times severe depression. But others would never guess that they were. They can act both intentionally, but also unconsciously, to deny and avoid pain or suffering. And they do it quite well. In fact, perfectly.

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