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331 SelfWork: Suicide – What We All Can Do About It

This week’s episode of SelfWork focuses on suicide – but not as a pre-determined sign that someone needs hospitalization. That might be true, of course. But many, many people have suicidal thoughts or ideas, even fantasies of what could happen that would allow them to escape pain that...

Eleven Ways To Help Your Child Through Your Divorce

Divorce between two people who don’t have children versus two parents who do is an entirely different animal. Their first response can easily be to try to please. So, they’ll say they’re okay. Usually when younger children first learn about the change in the family, they want to...

328 SelfWork: What Comes First – Addiction to Work or Depression?

I recently posted about a study group I was doing on my personal FB page and somewhat apologetically explained that I was mixing professional with personal. I received an almost immediate response from a friend who said, “You love what you do so much, I don’t think there’s much of a line between...

326 SelfWork: Digging Into the Pain Of Not Being Accepted By Your Family

This month we’ve been talking about relationships.This week I heard Andrew Solomon speak about his book Far from the Tree – when parents have a child that has some kind of difference from them, and they struggle not to see that difference as a problem or something that needs to be fixed. I found...

Dr. Margaret’s Book Now Available!

There's a new way to send me a message! You can record by clicking above and ask your question or make a comment. You'll have 90 seconds to do so and that time goes quickly. By recording, you're giving SelfWork (and me) permission to use your voice on the podcast. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

I'm thrilled to announce my new podcast has earned almost three and a half million downloads! Join thousands of subscribers and tune into SelfWork. It's available here on the website under the tag "SelfWork"  and for subscription on iTunes. We talk about similar things as here, but go even further in-depth. Hope you'll join those who listen weekly!

Click here to contact Dr. Margaret by email. I welcome your comments, personal stories, and questions. I will answer you!

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