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“I’m Doing My Best…” As A Parent, Are You In Denial?

What parent doesn’t have some form of regret? It goes along with the territory. Parenting is just plain tough. Looking back and remembering what you did, said, ignored, thought, blurted out, screamed — and wishing that you’d handled it better — is part of parenting that...

124 SelfWork: Learning from the Voices of Childhood Neglect

Childhood neglect can be much more confusing to work through. It’s abuse all right. But its message was just as harsh as physical beatings or harsh punishment. What is that message? That you weren’t worth feeding, or being educated. Whatever physical or emotional pain you had...

Anger. Is It Respected, Avoided, or Abusive In Your Life?

Anger. There’s a lot of it out there. My office is on a narrow one-way street that isn’t well marked as such. The other day there was a big cement truck traveling the wrong way; it pulled over to let me by and I gestured, smiling, that this was a one-way street. The guy screamed,...

How To Deal With The Fear Of Judgment: The Gifts of Vulnerability

When I first moved back to Arkansas, there were facts about my life I didn’t want others to know. I’d grown up in a small town in southern Arkansas, where everybody knew everything about everybody. And I wasn’t relishing moving from Dallas, where there was a certain amount of...

The Gifts Of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is a gift.

Being vulnerable isn’t the same as being scared or admitting defeat. In fact, knowing and accepting it is actually a strength. Why? Because you can get really good at recognizing when those pesky, at times painful vulnerabilities are in action, and how they’re skewing your thinking or your choices.

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