1. Wonderful post Margaret. And just in case I forget… Happy New Year to you and your family.

    The reason I wanted to write this is your post reminded me what my Dad taught me too. There were many things of course but the one thing that stuck with me as the best thing he did was to help others be happier too.

    I’m sure you remember the 125 rose bushes in our yard. And we had a refrigerator in the garage to hold roses that he had already cut.

    Most of those roses went to friends, church folks, shut ins, those in the hospital and those in the retirement home and many others so they could enjoy them in their places.

    Giving to others to enhance their enjoyment of life is important. Writing through happy tears here makes me remember this in more ways that I can tell you about.

    Again, Happy New Year and congratulations on all of your great writing here. I’d like to interview you about this sometime this coming year if you would like. I try to help all of my readers too.

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