2013-11-09 10.46.45 HDRKeep Fayetteville Funky.

That’s my city’s logo.

Just what makes Fayetteville, Arkansas funky?  Or as a newer company is calling it – FAYETTECHILL.

Maybe it’s attitude.  Maybe it’s having the Restaurant On The Corner that’s not on the corner that it used to be but is still called Restaurant On The Corner.  Maybe it’s the hamburgers at Art’sPlace.  Maybe it’s the Town Square. The Botanical Gardens.  Herman’s Ribhouse, decades old.  Dickson Street.  Ozark Natural Foods.

Certainly it now has to include the pigs.

The Ozark Literacy Council came up with a genius fundraising idea a couple of years ago.  They auction these delightful artist-created and designed pigs that people lease/buy for a period of time.  It’s a PIGShibition.   You can now spot them all over town.

Arkansas already has a fair amount of pig-a-bilia.  The Razorbacks are the University of Arkansas’s football team.  Hog hats, hog coffee cups, hog Christmas decorations.  You name it.  If it can be made into a pig, it can be found in Fayetteville.

We moved here in the early 90’s.  I wasn’t wild about the idea.  By then, I thought of myself as a big city girl.  I had lived in Dallas for 13 years.  Liked the hustle and bustle.  Didn’t even mind the traffic.

I had three criteria that had to be met before moving.  The first I can’t remember.  The second?   I had to find fresh basil in the store.  That was accomplished.  The third?  We picked a local pub or bar – one that looked like it was favorite.  It was Hugo’s.  It’s a really cool little place where you enter by walking a few steps down from the street.  It has an underground feeling to it.  Really neat.

We sat at the bar.  I ordered the house Chardonnay.  My criteria?  If it was poured out of a box,  I wasn’t moving to Fayetteville.

We moved.

I have loved Fayetteville.  If you look it up, it’s won all kinds of awards for being a great city to live in.  Come visit some time.  Chill out.

You will develop quite a fondness for pigs.



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