Perfectly Hidden Depression

It’s time to break free from the shame that drives your perfectionism.

Do you take pride in your perfectionism, your ability to be a people pleaser, or that you are your own harshest critic? Are you hiding your depression from others…or maybe even yourself? Perhaps you were raised to believe that mental illness is only for the weak, and even a sign of failure?

If you identify with these questions, if this hits a place deep inside with it’s familiarity, you may be experiencing what I call perfectly hidden depression.

It may feel to you that keeping your depression hidden is the strong thing to do, the right thing to do, the brave thing to do…but the problem is that it’s impossible to hide it forever; eventually it will catch up to you. The strong thing to do is to face it head on, now, on your terms before it forces you to face it down the road.

Moreover, you deserve to be genuinely happy; the way to achieve this is by facing your problems outright. My book Perfectly Hidden Depression is designed to do just that. I am not promising it will always be an easy process, but you’ll be guided step-by-step so that you are able to:

  • Gain greater understanding of your depression and face your fears of being imperfect.
  • Make the difficult commitment to the healing process
  • Confront the belief systems of your life that keep you paralyzed
  • Connect with long-suppressed emotions in an accepting, healthy way
  • Change your life for the better
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