1. Dear Dr Margaret!
    Thank you for this last post. Especially for explaining the steps . “the five C´s”! I can really identify myself with the steps – where I´ve been and where I am today. As a non-American i searched a lot after an explanation to what I had been through and to how I was feeling and found very little in my native language. After finding your articles in the autumn I started to get conscious about what my problem/problems were! When that had happened I realized that there was no way back! I had to commit 100 per cent with changing myself or I would lapse back and probably end up taking my own life. Staying committed is sometimes hard when you struggle with steps three and four (where I am now). I have to admit that steps three and four are the toughest to go through. It´s not easy to connect or even have the right words for feelings when they haven´t been recognized or allowed by yourself for such a long time. And to confront yourself and your feelings and beliefs are really hard – especially when you relapse to ruminating and can´t think clearly. To learn how to be compassionate towards to yourself is hard when you´ve never done it before. But although it is tough I can tell everyone, from my own experience, that it is possible, there is hope, step by step – everyday and every week. Today I feel more relaxed! I can feel and show real joy and other feelings and I can also tell people that I feel comfortable with about me being a PHDP. /Michael

    1. Michael hello again. Thank you so much for relaying your own personal journey through these steps… You stress the difficulty of commitment and that is very much in line with the reports of others experiencing PHD that I’d interviewed or had seen as patients. Good luck with your commitment. It’s frightening to think that at one time you might have taken your own life. I’ll look forward to hearing more from you as you progress through these steps — and then recycle through them again. Take good care. Dr. M.

  2. I would add to this a whole food diet without gluten, dairy, or sugar. You’ll feel so much better.

    1. That’s interesting Jayne. Certainly changes in nutrition and exercise, as well as considering all possibilities that could keep you from enjoying your potential health, seem connected. Any step in the process of listening to the messages your emotions and your mind are giving you are helpful in the process of moving into a more open and true self experience. Thank you for commenting.

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