Round Two is coming your way! I had both many women and men attend the Part One of this free workshop on July 30th and their questions were both poignant and intriguing. Part One explained the potential dangers of perfectionism and what exactly perfectly hidden depression is and why it occurs. If you missed Part One, no problem! You can watch it at my website:

Now in Part Two, we’ll talk about working and creating new strategies to handle this need and how to become someone who can accept yourself for both your strengths and your vulnerabilities. We’ll cover the five stages of healing covered in my book as well as give a sampling of exercises from the book.

The difference between my work on perfectionism and other workbooks is I talk about “why.” Knowing the why you needed to look as if your life was perfect can lead you to a true change in your outlook and entire life. I hope you’ll join me! August 13th, 6:00 EST. You can go to EventBrite to register or to my website: I’ll see you there!

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