2013-03-26 09.44.35Every weekday morning around 9:35 I am at Sonic getting my Route 44 unsweetened iced tea.  I push the red button, and always say the same thing.  “More ice than tea please”.  Hunter, who is there most days, fixes it for me.  It is brimming with ice.  I can barely keep the plastic top on it sometimes.

When a guy named Eric worked there, I didn’t even have to press the button.  He would see me pull in.  My tea would arrive.

That was cool.

I order it this way because their tea is very strong. And they have great ice. It can last eight hours.  I sip on it all day, watering it down as I go.  By three-ish, it is usually all water.  That makes me feel healthier somehow.  Drinking water.

I thought when I became a therapist I would calm down, drink non-caffeinated herbal teas, wear flowing clothes, and maybe have incense or something in my office.

That has not happened.

I do have a chime in my therapy room.  It’s powered by solar power and just “tings” lightly whenever it gets enough of the good stuff.  I have some patients swear that it goes off when they ( or I ) have said something profound.  I doubt that.  I probably do owe a few thoughts to the extra caffeine that my iced tea has provided  on a rainy afternoon.

I also have a fountain which makes a little soothing sound.  It actually reminds ME to relax, which I find helpful.  Oh, and the little coaster thing that the tea is sitting on is a replica of the rug that was in Freud’s office.  My nod to my predecessor.

After a patient has come two or three times, I usually get a comment about the huge Sonic cup perched on the table.  Again.  “What is in there?”, she will ask, amused.  One patient who saw me for a bit longer gave me a Sonic gift card for Christmas.  I usually don’t accept gifts, but the amount was small and she really wanted me to take it.  Furthermore, I currently am miffed with my Toyota Rav4 because you can’t fit a Route 44 very easily into the cup holders.   They are right under where the air conditioning sticks out.  I guess they don’t drink humongous drinks like that in Japan.  Sort of a silly problem except when you spill it all over yourself or your car the first thing in the morning, as I have done.

Several times.

Not a calming way to start your day.

Maybe Sonic should just sell their ice.  Maybe I should trade in the Rav4.

“Second world problems”, as many would say.  Get a grip.




If you know any Sonic devotees, please send this on to them!!! And thanks for reading!  More @NaBloPoMo to come!!!

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