2013-11-26 07.10.40 HDRIs Thanksgiving really on Thursday?

I am not ready.

I have ordered a turkey.  But I have not been to the store for cans of cranberry or bags of stuffing.  There is not one wreath up at the windows.  Decorations in boxes on the piano bench.

This is unusual.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Bar none.

How do you beat a day about gratitude, great food, family, friends and football?

It’s more laid back than Christmas.  Sad but true for many of us I think.  I am not considering the spiritual aspect here.  Just the pure holiday-ness of things.

I woke up yesterday morning with all of this on my mind.  Saw the Halloween ghost still hanging from the den ceiling fan as I left for work.  Heaved a sigh of frustration.  I know there are good reasons for it.

NaBloPoMo.  Reunion.  Work.  Trip home to see my family.

Still mildly annoying.

Then there was last night.

Came home from work.   I started fixing my son Rob’s favorite meat loaf and mashed potatoes.  He had gotten in the day before from Vanderbilt for his Thanksgiving break.  He appeared about 30 minutes later, badly needing a shower after a workout.  His hair smelled like something dead.  Showed me much-needed clothes he had bought that afternoon.  Talked about applications for internships.  My husband had learned that Vandy plays Arkansas in baseball next spring.  They started making plans.  A bit later, friends of Rob’s dropped in.  We all chatted.  They were going to a movie (of course unbeknownst to me).  I quickly fed Rob.  He gave me a big hug.  Off they went.

2013-11-26 06.04.50 HDR

Thanksgiving stuff.  Kids home for the holidays stuff.  My heart sang a little.

No decorations needed.

The Halloween ghost is kinda cute hanging up there.

Maybe it will scare away the evil “dry turkey monster”.



If you enjoyed reading this post, please send it on to some hapless friend who might also be just a little late in Thanksgiving preparations!  As always, thank you for reading!



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