The Silent Agony of Staying Thin — At All Costs

For many women, being thin is worshipped like no other physical attribute.
Not your hair, not your muscles, not your voice. The greatest compliment a woman can hear (at least according to some)? “You look like you’ve lost weight…”.

Reaching Peace Within Yourself: What I Learned From My Dad About Compromise

“Margaret, life is about compromise.”

That’s what my dad used to tell me from time to time.

Considering the massive amount of wisdom I’d accrued by the age I first heard him say this, probably around 20 or 21, I remember feeling that my father’s early health problems had colored his thinking. I silently shook my head, and believed he was focusing on the negative — on what you gave up in life. I was sure that with enough effort, and maybe a little good luck thrown in, you could achieve exactly what you wanted.

Marriage Is Not For Chickens

wo years ago, I sat down to write a post about marriage.

When it appeared on The Huffington Post, over 200,000 people agreed with what I had to say.

In honor of my now 26th anniversary, celebrated quietly but with great joy recently, here are those thoughts — slightly revised. A lot can change in two years. So it’s nice to realize, I still believe these things.

FiftyPlusFabulous. How To Make Your 50’s Your Best Decade Ever

So far, every decade of life has had its own unique flavor.

My 20’s. I needed to finish growing up, something that took me a bit longer than I had anticipated.

The 30’s? I was fixing the mess I had made in my 20’s.

In my 40’s, my mantra became, “If not now, when?”

I felt like I finally had it together, and was approaching the world like Evelyn in “Fried Green Tomatoes,” shouting “Towanda!”

How Has Writing 200 Posts Changed Me?

I can’t quite believe it.

This is my 200th post.

I’ve come to love sitting down in front of a blank screen, the little cursor blinking an early morning hello at me, and trying to convey either something that I have talked with patients about during my week, or an idea that might be helpful to someone who’s dealing with mental issues. Or just life.

15 Things I Learned In My Fifties

They say hindsight is 20/20.

I am gaining perspective on the decade I exited a year or so ago. In some ways it was my least favorite. In some, one of my more dear. If you can have favorites for that kind of thing.

So what did I learn?

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