1. Having just celebrated our 35th anniversary, I can say I totally agree with this great list! And congrats on the book – it will make a wonderful wedding gift.

  2. Hi Dr. Margaret,
    My ex husband had trouble with Marriage is Not: #3. The result, we are no longer together. All for the best. I am blissfully happy now with the man I married after him.

  3. Having just celebrated 15 years with husband No 3 (yes, sounds bad that I have had three!) – I agree that when you get all these things right, marriage really works. I definitely found Mr. Right in the end. Good luck with the book – it will make a great gift for newly-weds.

    1. Well I’m in the three and you’re out club myself!!! Many of the things I listed were not present in any shape form or fashion my first couple of attempts. It took growing up and choosing differently. Thanks Gilly!

  4. I waited all of my life for my second husband, and I loved every minute of our marriage. It was a gift from God. He died six years ago this coming Christmas Day. I miss having that special person in my life. Haven’t ruled out the possibilities of finding someone else. It just hasn’t happened. Brenda

  5. Since we are into our 8th year of remarriage–we divorced after the first 8 😉 and had a 26 year break, I find so much wisdom in this post. ;-)))))))))))))))))

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