2013-11-05 06.52.02 HDRHeard Christmas music on the TV yesterday morning.  First Monday of November.  Jingle bells already. Yikes.

I am starting to think about what I am going to serve for Thanksgiving dinner.  Don’t know who is coming yet.   But no matter whether it’s a small or large group, I cook a big meal.  Even if we eat it for four days.

I serve different appetizers every year.  Then comes turkey, stuffing with oysters, mashed potatoes, some kind of vegetable. ( I usually try something new here which I end either crying or laughing about.  One should never cook something new at Thanksgiving but I somehow always forget that).  That cranberry stuff from the can.  Yeast rolls. Lots of gravy.  Yum.  I am getting hungry.  And pumpkin pie of course.  Sometimes a cheese cake thrown in there.

Sandwiches the next day are THE BEST.  Kinda messy.  Leftovers with gravy on bread.  That’s good eats.

Today is the 5th.  2 dozen meals to plan before Thanksgiving.  That’s also 2 dozen posts in this whole NaBloPoMo adventure, where I am writing a post a day for thirty days in the month of November!

I thought about my dad this morning.  Whenever he and I would get off the phone, he would tenderly say, “Take care of my girl”.

I am blessed with a great family.  However, what I hear mostly from my husband are things like , “Can you print that out for me?,” or “When is dinner going to be ready?”.  My son, “Text me so I won’t forget to do that, Mom”.

Dad?  “Take care of my girl”.

That’s what you miss when a loving parent dies.  That kind of energy coming your way.

So I am going to care for myself.  I am actually going to listen to my Dad.  Care for his girl.  I am going to keep things simple.  I am going to keep this post simple.  I am going to keep the next 24 meals simple.

I may even keep Thanksgiving dinner simple.

I doubt it.