1. Hmmm. This got me thinking. Because every character trait of ours can go too far, cross a line from helping us to hurting us. There is, in fact, a downside to everything, whether it’s the timing of it or just the degree. Dr. Margaret, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts exploring how we can better notice when “who we are” starts to work against us and what can we do to get support from ouselves and those around us in slowing or stopping something like that, and what meanings this kind of thing might have for us in our lives.

    1. You make a great point Judy. I’ve used the term “underbelly” at times — the softer, more vulnerable aspect of any behavioral choice that is always present. Trying to be aware, to catch yourself when a good thing has gone too far, takes awareness and practice. If you have friends who can help you see when that’s happening — when, for example, taking care of others is morphing into a pattern of self-denial or poor self-care, that can be extremely beneficial. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment.

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