Smokey wanted more room on the couch.  After all, he lives here full time.  "Move over Rob".

Smokey wanted more room on the couch. After all, he lives here full time. “Move over Rob”.

November 29th 2013.

Black Friday.

The Arkansas/LSU game on TV.  Known as the Battle for the Golden Boot.  Marketing smarts there.

I looked on Facebook this morning.  It was filled with posts about blessings.  Pictures of cute children.  Where to recycle oil used for frying turkeys.  Angst about getting into political debate while savoring brussel sprouts and pumpkin pie.

Our day was quiet.  Except for the dog throwing up most of a new bone.  Good food.  Excellent company.  We could not remember spending Thanksgiving by ourselves.  Just the 3 of us, padding around in socks and sweaters.  Watched old Alfred Hitchcock movies late into the evening.   Cuddled with the back-to-normal much-beloved dog.

My Dallas Cowboys won!  Tony Romo is featured on the upcoming cover of Sports Illustrated.  Finally getting his due.

There’s a country song by Trace Adkins.  “You’re Gonna Miss This”.   Talks about realizing the value of life as it is happening.  Even if it is hard or not what you think you want.

There couldn’t be a more apt way of saying how I feel this morning.

I was aware yesterday of creating those memories.  That I am going to miss.  Even the dog throwing up.

Yesterday will always be, “Remember that Thanksgiving that it was just the 3 of us?

Didn’t make me not enjoy the day!  I was just…. aware.

Today?  Family coming in.  Can’t wait to see them.  Leftovers – by far the best part of the Thanksgiving meal, in my opinion.

More football!

More memories.  That I will treasure.




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