How To Let Go of Your Kids


  1. And when you are not focused on the relationship that was, remember the relationship that is and that will be.
    When you have a child you are their parent forever, basically. Remember that all of who you are, and everything you do has an impact on their life, whether they are sitting there in your presence or not. All of the time. In that sense, being true to your inner self and your values is always good parenting, and never just about you.
    And in addition, not only is this stage of life the first time we’ve ever done it, but so are any future stages. Remember to nurture yourself and your own growth because you never know what life is going to throw at you and your family – both good and bad, and always interesting. You’re going to have new ropes to learn as a parent all too soon. If this is a hiatus from major challenges – REST! You’re going to need your strength and wisdom in all kinds of new and exciting ways… 🙂

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