1. When you are in a natural disaster, you are in a kind of shock (I know this from experience, although the situation wasn’t near as bad as Baton Rouge) and you just do what you have to do. It’s almost like a part of your mind is shut off. I found that after the shock wore off was the hardest part. I am hoping there will be therapists in the area to deal with what is to come.

    1. I hope they do as well. I’ve been trained here by the Red Cross for just such a disaster. What they stressed a lot was simply letting people talk about their experience. That was the most helpful thing you could do. Listen. I’m sorry you went through such an experience Alana, and appreciate your comment.

  2. I remember telling my therapist that if I’d wanted an adventure I’d go on safari. This, when faced with my first divorce. So yep, I know a little something about change I don’t want! Attitude is everything no matter what kind of change it is.

  3. This came at a good time. Too much change at once. A horribly shitty summer of loss, loss and more loss. Trying to be the best I can but boy, is it hard. Thanks for a wonderful post, Margaret. You are a gem.

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