1. Realistic post. A friend who hosts guests at extreme ends of the political spectrum has one unambiguous house rule: No Politics. Best to have a few neutral topics handy: Does anyone remember their first kiss? What was the worst outfit you ever wore? Where did you go on your last vacation? Unfortunately, most topics have become political: one’s job (“did you say you worked at Goldman Sachs?”); local headlines (“refugees find home here”); even where your children have resettled. Enjoy the holiday with all its wrinkles!

    1. Those are great suggestions Judith! Thanks so much. One time, my brother and I were in a heated discussion about gay people in the military. My Dad, who had tired easily of the discussion, said, “Are either one of you gay? have either one of you been in the military?”. The answer was “no” on both counts. “Then please, for everyone’s sake, be quiet.” It was wise advice!!!

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