I look like a helicopter, ready for take-off.

I look like a helicopter, ready for take-off.

I have looked forward to this day all week.  I am getting my hair done.

It’s been more and more difficult to hide that streak of gray showing through as each day has passed.  One can only use so much of Joan Rivers’ brown powder stuff.

So I don’t resemble a skunk.

I looked this morning on our “Christmas wall” – the wall with years of Christmas pictures on them – to see how long I have been coloring my hair.  Yes, we are those people that send you pictures of ourselves to celebrate festive times.   Like you didn’t remember what we look like.  Happy Holidays!

I am usually running quite late with my holiday tasks.   Our Christmas cards arrive in mid-January.  I now have them printed where they also say “Happy New Year”.

I have learned.

Back to hair.  Some pictures were just of my son Rob.  But every picture that included me, my hair had some kind of color on it.

Highlights, lowlights, henna, brunette, blonde.  Whatever.

I have frequently said, “My hair is the only part of my body I can change quickly”.

I have taken advantage of that.

There is just something about getting your hair done that makes you feel better.  Maybe it’s being touched.  Your hair being combed. Sitting in a big whirly chair.  Having the apron tucked in neatly around you so your clothes stay clean.  Getting attention.  Being asked if you would like something to drink.

Our Christmas wall!  Someone told me to do this when my son was tiny.  So glad we did!

Our Christmas wall! Someone told me to do this when my son was tiny. So glad we did!

Maybe it’s something deeper than that.  Being affirmed that we all have the potential of being our most attractive.  Being supported in that endeavor which might heighten our vulnerability initially, but soothe it in the end.

Most of us are SO self-conscious about the way we look.  We walk out feeling just a little more confident than when we went in.

Of course, many women and men too I imagine would say that their hairdresser listens to them.   Maybe that’s what feels so good.

Most of us are very loyal to our hairdressers.  Now we know why.  They have kept our confidences AND we have let them help us with our insecurities.

We are grateful.

Perhaps I will talk about these revelations with Robert, my friend and hairdresser today.

I really just want to whirl around in the chair.




Send this on to the hairdresser in your life!  She or he will appreciate it!!!  And as always thank you for reading.  This is NaBloPomo #9!  Keeping on keeping on!