2013-11-26 21.35.22Yesterday Huffington Post Women posed the question: “What women are you thankful for this year?”

I have several to chose from.  But my pick…

Gay Freeman.

I “got” her in my marriage.   She’s now my aunt.  She actually introduced me and my now husband.  I guess she knew what she was doing – even back then.  She and my mother were very good friends.  They concocted a plan for the two of us to meet.

The rest is history.

I had heard lots about Gay from my mother.  How she took life by the horns.  Had survived hard times.  Early divorce.  The death of a child.  Serious illness.

Her attitude?   From my perspective?   “Live, Live, Live!”.  Like Auntie Mame.

She has experienced her fair share of medical problems.  She is now 80.  She rests more than she used to.

But what is she all about?  Why do I respect her so much?  Why do I want to emulate her?

First – she cares for others.   Whenever we talk, her first question always is, “How are you?”.

Caught before a quick smooch with then 16 year old Rob on the golf course!

Caught before a quick smooch with then 16 year old Rob on the golf course!

Second – She has always and is still creating a vibrant life!  Gay and husband Tom were highly successful interior designers. After retiring, she took classes in book-binding  –  in her 70’s.  Was so good that her teachers offered her  job.  “No thanks”.  She repairs and rebinds books for friends and family.  PLUS – She recently established a duplicate bridge club in her community that has taken off and is growing by leaps and bounds.

She looks for opportunities to thrive.

Third.  Most important.

She is grounded.  She has done her emotional and spiritual homework.  She doesn’t seem frightened of aging.  Of mortality.  I think she may have faced that a long time ago.

She is still having fun.  It takes more energy.  But she is doing it.

She is direct.  Will always tell you what she thinks.  But not in an unkind way.

She loves deeply.

She knows what makes those around her “tick”.  She tunes in.  It’s wonderful to be the recipient of that.

Gay-ativity.  The act of living fully.

She won’t be on the cover of any magazine.

She should be.



If this is the way you feel about someone in your life, send this on!  Maybe it’s Sheila-ativity or Jim-ativity.  And as always, thank you for taking the time to read and contemplate a little about life with me.  Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!



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