Four Steps Toward Healing The Pain from Parents Who Hurt You

My dad was very open with his love. One of his favorite things to say when I’d made a mess of things was, “You can always come home.” He’d send me a hand-written letter when things were tough, often quoting scripture, but always with a supportive, guiding message that reminded me of what was really important in life. And I knew how his eyes would light up when he saw me, especially when I no longer lived in the same city as him and my mom. I’m sure my brothers saw that same light.

Empty Nesting Season: Letting Go A Little At A Time

My grandparents had a gorgeous old grandfather clock in their den where my grandmother rocked and knitted while my grandfather read his paper. I loved the deep, resonate sound it made every second of every day. Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock… That tangible reminder of time passing...

Are You Addicted To Your Ex? To Love? Or Are You Still Grieving?

I never considered getting back with either of my ex’s. Not that they were chomping at the bit to be with me again, either; there was far too much water under the bridge. Yet saying good-bye to love, or what you defined as love, can be a lot more difficult than you anticipate. And you can...

What Pushes Your Buttons? How To Manage Your Insecurity

From the first to about the eighth grade, while the other kids were socializing at lunch, my mom picked me up so I could go home and rest. I had a neurological problem that made it dangerous for me to be too physically active or get too hot, I hated it. Walking back onto campus was awful; I fought...

SelfWork YGTG: How Do You Say Goodbye?

Welcome to SelfWork’s You Get the Gist, five minutes of some ideas you can ponder for the rest of the day. Today YGTG is about saying goodbye. When I knew back in 1992 that my husband and I were going to leave Dallas and move to Arkansas, I distinctly remember a conversation I had with my...

Ten Ways To Stay Out Of Texting Trouble

“Text me.” That request would’ve sounded crazy twenty-five years ago. Now it’s the way many of us communicate; it’s easy, fun, and convenient. It opens up time in your day to be more productive. Or to binge on a little Netflix. A quick text can be expedient and efficient for...

Dr. Margaret’s Book Now Available!

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