Five Strategies to Deal With Empty Nest

As a therapist, I try to focus not just on concepts, but on tangibles to help people make concrete changes in their lives, no matter what issues they are facing.

This goes for facing an empty nest as well. There are very specific things you can do to help yourself get on with life after empty nest.

Anger. Is It Respected, Avoided, or Abusive In Your Life?

Anger. There’s a lot of it out there. My office is on a narrow one-way street that isn’t well marked as such. A while back there was a big cement truck traveling the wrong way; it pulled over to let me by and I gestured, smiling, that this was a one-way street. The guy screamed,...

Feeling Invisible and How To Confront The Shame You’ve Never Deserved

A lot of people feel invisible, for many different reasons. Perhaps you’re one of them; but what do you mean by “feeling invisible?” Perhaps you feel like you don’t matter, as if you aren’t a vital part of the world that’s going on around you. Maybe you feel  overlooked by those who...

Three Steps to Take If You Feel Taken for Granted

Being taken for granted is a lonely feeling, and it’s very easy to allow that to grow into resentment. Especially for those things that become “your” thing. If you’re a good cook, you plan dinner. if you’re a better money manager, then that becomes your job. One of...

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