When A Parent’s Unconditional Love Is Worn Away

  Whenever I hear the term “unconditional love,” I think of the first moment I saw my infant child. That’s probably the purest love I’ve ever felt, or will ever feel. All he’d done so far was breathe and cry, and I loved him with a fierce intensity I...

How Making A Difference For Others… Makes A Difference In You

What I do for a living offers constant perspective; I hear every day about what can happen in people’s lives, both the good and the not-so good. I hear about tragedy, abuse, and I hear about tremendous courage people muster while facing it. Yet I also hear about the kindness of others: how a...

The Boundary-less Couple: Victims and Savers

Boundaries. What in the world does that word really mean when it comes to relationships? A boundary is a limit, an edge, where one thing stops and another begins. If you say, “I don’t have good boundaries,” what do you mean? Generally, it means that you allow other people to...

What I Most Want This Mother’s Day I Can Give To Myself

This is the third Mother’s Day in the era of Covid19. I’m not one to be concerned with receiving gifts, but I wondered what I might want to give myself… The first gift I thought of is actually far too dangerous, for it has to do with knowing when the light at the end of the...

282 SelfWork: Watching My Mother Disappear

This is a very personal episode of SelfWork, as I tell the story of my mother’s intense struggles with anxiety – and her turning to prescription drugs to help her cope. Sadly, doctors in the 1960’s brushed off women with “nerves” and handed out medications that were...

When Are You Old? 22 Surprising Answers to That Question

I remember being chastised by my parents to “act my age.” What they probably meant was to stop talking, which I did a lot. So, aging is funny, isn’t it? When does the shift occur where it’s a good thing to not act your age so you’ll seem younger than you are? You can...

Dr. Margaret’s Book Now Available!

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