What Could Be The Best Valentines Gift You Could Give Yourself?

In the second grade, I was elected “Valentine Queen” of my class. I wore a glittery paper crown all day long. and dreamed of future ascensions. Miss Pine Bluff. Miss Arkansas. Miss America. I remember the surprising happiness that seeped inside of me, wondering finally (after all of...

When Your Marriage Has Turned Into A Business: 7 Healing Ideas

There are thousands of couples whose marriage has turned into a business. Don’t get me wrong. All couples are running a business. There’s the business of household chores, of coordinating kids’ schedules or work trips out of town, of paying bills, or of taking care of aging...

10 Questions To Ask If You’re In A Codependent Relationship

People describe themselves as “codependent” these days as commonly as they ask for ketchup with their fries. What exactly is codependency? Is it a good thing, a bad thing, or somewhere in the middle? There are many different definitions, and many different experts on the subject....

What Is The Risk Of Bitterness?

“You can’t trust any woman. They will just play you.”

“Men are dogs. Or narcissists. Or both.”

Bitterness like this sometimes catches those who hear it with surprise. I’m likely to assume one thing. Whoever says it has been hurt.

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