Depression And Perfectly Hidden Depression: The Dramatic Difference


  1. Without even taking it, I know I fit into the Beck Depression profile. Because I’m so sensitive to meds, my doctor and I decided I wouldn’t take anything. I’m doing tons better, mainly because I have some help w/1010PP. It’s overwhelming to do all of this by yourself. xoxox, B

  2. I’ve learned to recognize my own mood swings and triggers when depression creeps up. I’m not sure a survey can tell the whole story.

    1. Oh I’m sure it can’t Joyce. Depression can be acute and remit with time. Others have depression that’s chronic, and exactly what you’re doing is vital. I’m trying to shed light on another presentation of depression – the hidden kind. Thanks for writing.

    1. That’s an interesting idea Rose. I see some chronic pain patients but I don’t specialize in that. My sense is that they run the gamut of those that hide how severe the pain is , and those that make their pain what they’re all about. But I don’t know what a chronic pain specialist might say. Great question.

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